Homeless World Cup in Glasgow


The common ground team visited the Homeless World Cup a few times this week, sometimes in the sun, sometimes in the rain, it was fantastic to be celebrating the human spirit amongst people from all over the world. The atmosphere was great, and the talent and spirit of the players was awe inspiring.


Every match we watched had it’s highs and lows and stand out moments, and with 64 teams playing, representing 52 countries across the world there was a lot of cheering to do. Our default position was to always cheer the underdog!


Find out more here where you can read about the origins of the homeless world cup, and the co founder and President Mel Young’s advice to do something small, ‘if we all do something small, we’ll change the world’. It’s really stayed with me, what small thing can I do today to help change the world so it’s a better place for all of us?


homelessworldcup1  homeless world cup Glasgow 2016  Homeless World Cup Glasgow 2016  


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