ReName the Streets!


We were invited by the lovely folk at Pidgin Perfect to take part in their Big Lunch Event. Great to meet the community. We invited people to write letters to their neighbours, people drew pictures, wrote poems and pressed flowers. People responded with real positivity and generosity so we’re looking to expand this project, keep a look out for more details!


Street Renaming


We also invited people to think of new names for the streets where they in Sighthill. The whole area used to be a private estate called Fountainwell, it was owned by a man named Dr Pinkston, and that is what most of the streets are named after.


People had the chance to imagining new street names which reflected the passions and lives of the people who live their now. So out went Fountainwell Avenue and Pinkston Drive and in came Kitty Cat Ville, Peaceful Place, Engine Avenue, Stone Ring Street and many others!


DID YOU KNOW? Glasgow has a history of using street names to make a political statement. Nelson Mandela Place was so called to show support for the Free Nelson Mandela campaign - much to the annoyance of the South African consulate who were based on that street. Every single day their mail would come with Nelson Mandela name on the envelope as a reminder to them of Glasgow’s support for the imprisoned campaigner. Maybe it’s time for more of this across Scotland…?




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